Different Worlds Photo (6)

Somewhere in Kenya. A giraffe patiently waiting for the people on top of the matatu to mysteriously turn into leaves, or maybe dish out some handouts like our Kenyan traffic cops. Not sure but maybe it confused the passenger vehicle for a moving acacia tree! *** (Courtesy of Matwana Matatu Culture)  


Do you have to write your personal life?

Do you always have to write your personal life? That was my girlfriend (now ex) asking me each time I wrote about my personal life. She just never understood why it had to be so with so many things to write about out there. But she had no idea, that's how this blog was born, … Continue reading Do you have to write your personal life?

A Mother’s Pain

What I will do to that man, only God knows That's the last born daughter, the one still in school vehemently swearing His boyfriend impregnated her and took off, and she's keeping the baby Her mama is just looking on insouciantly, too tired to even get mad.   The other day her older daughter came … Continue reading A Mother’s Pain

Sunday in Gikomba market

Yesterday I stood up someone, just a friend. She and I were supposed to go to Ngong Hills on Saturday but something came up and we couldn't. She was furious. I called her and explained the situation promising to make it up to her on Sunday by taking her to watch Kenya's Harambee Stars take … Continue reading Sunday in Gikomba market

Smiling at the scars

You'll soon get over her, one day you'll wake up and she'll be just another stranger in the crowd Almost faceless, you wouldn't even remember her pretty face Thought they were lying, how in the world would I forget her The pain she left behind The raw wounds, the ones I kept inflicting with her … Continue reading Smiling at the scars

Aga Khan Walk Nairobi

Both my family and friends keep accusing me of not being Godfearing simply because they never see me in church on Sundays, and also because of the content of some of my posts on my blog. The accusation is ludicrous, and unjust. I'm not that religious, I have to admit but it doesn't mean I'm … Continue reading Aga Khan Walk Nairobi

Sicklemia kidfriend

Today I'm babysitting, can't recall the last time He's a beautiful child, but sickly Got sickle cell, been on medication from day one Only three, but the strongest kid I know He's fighting, you can see it with the way he's pushing the damn toy cars around the house Just crashed the second one, maybe … Continue reading Sicklemia kidfriend